The Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces is an ARMA3 MilSim community modeled on a fictional multinational Battle Group.  We specialize in co-op play focused on emulation of real life tactics and procedures while foremost having fun.


The Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces started in 2010 as the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion on ARMA 2 by a small group of experienced players trying to create a mature community that represented the Canadian Armed Forces.  In 2013 we transitioned to ARMA 3 [Alpha] and began conducting new (yet buggy) operations.  In late winter of 2015 the decision was made to re-brand the group to both expand the creative capabilities of the mod developers and attempt to appeal to larger number of players from across the world.  We became the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces [CEF].  CEF was chosen as it allowed us to keep our tactics and structure for the most part while not restricting us to any specific uniform or look.  


The CEF is structured as an Airmobile Task Force.  The role of the CEF is to act as a immediate reaction force for conflicts around the world.  With pooled resources from major players in the British Commonwealth, the CEF is well armed, well trained and rapidly deploy able.  We are infantry-centric but also have our own in house air group.  The Infantry has a number of specializations members can pursue after some time, those are:

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care provider;
  • Assault Pioneer (Combat Engineer);
  • Support Weapons (CarlG, 60mm Mortar);
  • Patrol Pathfinder;
  • Medical Technician.

Most specializations only grow as the main infantry force grows to keep things balanced, this includes the air group.  For a more detailed breakdown see our ORBAT.

Operations and Training

Operations are made before each sunday and are monitored by a designated member to ensure everything is going correctly. Each mission follows the next in order to have persistence. This makes everything we do affect the end of the operation as a whole not just 1 mission.  Weekly Ops are held Sunday nights at 1800hrs Eastern Standard Time and contain a series of tasks or objectives that are scaled to the units active member size.  Op nights usually last 2-3 hours depending on the number of tasks and the difficulty of them.  

Training is scheduled and conducted by sub-unit leaders based on what is needed.  Monthly large unit training is conducted usually in the form of an exercise on our training server.  Our Training server is up all week and hosts a variety of ranges for players to go on and practice some marksmanship, or get a feel for other weapon types.  The Legion Training Center (LTC) also has a few designated Zeus admins who can create on the fly scenarios on request.


The Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces believes in quality over quantity when it comes to our members.  We are looking for mature players who want what we have to offer and are willing to make themselves not just part of the unit, but a part of the community.  Potential applicants will be required to complete an enlistment form for the role they are interested in (Infantry or Pilot) or both if they so desire.  Each form contains a "Tutorial Style" package covering th basics of the role chosen followed by 10 multiple choice questions to confirm the applicant has read the material.  More info on the roles of CEF and to join visit out Recruiting Center.